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Tips for a successful remodel project with Home and Business Electric


Thank you for choosing Home and Business Electric to quote your remodel project! We understand that a remodel project can be a huge undertaking, and you want to make sure the money you are investing in this project will produce great results.


Please consider taking the time to read these tips to facilitate a smooth, productive remodel! 


We promise to deliver superior workmanship and excellent customer service at competitive rates. We use quality materials and are experts in our field. This translates to value for you and your home that will last well into the future. Most of our remodel work comes from referrals and repeat customers because they appreciate our attention to detail and exceptional installations in their homes and businesses.


We know that no two remodel projects are the same. Situations can change suddenly for a variety of reasons, and we have the expertise and experience to ensure our piece of the project stays on track. Midstream changes to the scope of work can cause delays and increase cost, but we understand the importance of flexibility and accommodating changes. That is why we communicate with you throughout the entire project.


Based on our experience, setting and maintaining realistic expectations is the biggest factor in accomplishing a successful remodel. To that end, we have developed this general outline of our process to ensure, as much as possible, that the project is completed on task, on time, and on budget.


These are the things you can expect from Home and Business Electric:

  • Consistent communication with homeowners, both verbally and via email.

  • Walk-through with decision makers (completed prior to work starting on the rough trip).

  • Explain electrical portion of remodel.

  • Provide professional expertise, options, and suggestions.

  • Provide detailed invoice, including documented changes.

  • Licensed to perform electrical work in WI.

    • Contractor license

    • Master license

    • Registered electricians

  • Insured to perform electrical work in WI.

    • Includes liability and worker’s compensation

  • Electrical permit filed by Home and Business Electric.

  • Show up when scheduled.

  • Maintain professionalism and work to industry standards.

  • Will not play music excessively loudly or with vulgar language.

  • Rough and final electrical trips are included, unless specified.

  • Remodel space will be left in a broom-clean state after every visit.

  • Includes 1-year parts and labor warranty.


Here are some things we expect from homeowners:

  • Consistent communication with us, verbally and via email.

  • Walk-through with master electrician (completed prior to work starting on the rough trip).

  • Provide blueprints including location of appliances, light fixtures, devices, etc.

  • Provide all appliance specifications (additional costs may apply if specs of actual appliance are different from what was originally provided.

  • Keep us updated with current versions of blueprints and any layout changes.

    • Cabinet prints to be builder prints, NOT design print, unless design print is EXACT.

  • Relay information needed or changes from other trades involved in the remodel

  • Sign off on any changes to scope of work from original quote.

  • Be on-site for review of electrical work at the end of rough trip and at the end of final trip.

  • Be on-site for municipal inspection(s).

  • Do not insulate, drywall, or cover wiring prior to rough inspection.

  • Dispose of construction debris/packaging material in connection with remodel project, unless specified and agreed upon with Home and Business Electric.

  • Put pets away so they stay safe and do not unexpectedly get outside.

  • Payments are due on time per schedule laid out in invoice. This is typically 30% due for deposit, 45% due at end of rough trip, 25% due at end of final trip.


Keep the following in mind to help facilitate a successful project:

  • A “rough trip” refers to the electrical work done near the beginning of the project. The cabinets are usually out of a kitchen and the walls may be open to the studs with no drywall up yet. The wiring and boxes are typically installed at this time.

  • A “finish trip” refers to the electrical work done near the end of the project. The cabinets are probably back up (in a kitchen remodel) and the walls have drywall up. Switches, outlets, and fixtures are typically installed at this time. 

  • For liability and warranty reasons, all line voltage electrical work (120v and 240v) will be done by Home and Business Electric. This work is not to be mixed with handyman/homeowner/others doing electrical work.

  • We prefer to have staggered scheduling with the other trades involved in the remodel so our scheduled work days do not overlap, when possible.

  • If additional demo or electrical re-working is required above and beyond the original quote, additional costs will be incurred.

  • Potential drywall/plaster damage will be discussed ahead of time and the homeowner is responsible to have it repaired, if necessary.

  • Restocking fees may apply to unused materials due to design changes.

  • Power will go on/off during the project – we will work with homeowner to coordinate, if able.

  • Dust/noise will be present during the project.

  • Need work space open/clear in remodel area AND in front/around electrical panel.

  • Home and Business Electric does not install appliances, unless specified.

  • Kitchen remodels -- dishwasher and disposal will generally have cord installed on the appliance by Home and Business Electric prior to plumber installation.

  • Residential light fixtures will typically be supplied by the homeowner, unless specified.

  • Recessed lighting, surge protectors, most commercial fixtures, switches, outlets, and bathroom exhaust fans will be supplied by Home and Business Electric, unless specified.

  • Light fixtures need to be listed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)

    • For example, UL, ETL, CSA, MET listed fixtures are acceptable.

      • Here is the current link of NRTLs.

    • This means the fixtures have been safety tested and are safe for installation.

    • Any fixtures purchased from a big box store or lighting store should be a "listed" fixture.

      • Be aware that some online retailers sell untested or possibly dangerous fixtures.

    • All fixtures supplied by Home and Business Electric are “listed” fixtures.

  • LED lighting color needs to be discussed during walk-through and decided by rough installation.

    • Please see this webpage for more information:

      • Interior fixtures:

        • 3000K is most popular for living spaces. 2700K is also suitable, if preferred.

        • 4000-5000K is most popular for utility rooms, garages and workshops.

      • Exterior fixtures:

        • 4000-5000K for floodlights.

        • 2700K for soffit cans and coach lights.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us!

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